Woppy and Friends Download For Free

Download Woppy and Friends, a new Five Nights at Freddy’s fan-made game, and use up your own abilities! It’s best to block scary creatures from grabbing you!

Woppy and Friends
Woppy and Friends

Play Woppy and Friends Free!

You are a young night watcher at a dark vintage restaurant in the local. It is a part-time job happening for a week or more.

The location looks creepy because something has woken up, along with screams of terror. What can you do to fulfill your mission and get paid? – You must survive!

You are the target that all of the possessed animatronic mascots aim at. You’d better manage your office carefully, from the vent to every entrance. Monsters can roam and approach the room whenever.

Don’t worry! Available tools and devices around your space are helpful to observe and push them back.

Unfortunately, their power is limited. Therefore, save and use that resource smartly!

It’s completely easy to install Woppy and Friends without paying a penny! However, you may have to work hard if you want to stay alive at 6 AM. Are you ready to open the door and find your position? Remember to keep an eye on camera screens and launch your action promptly!


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