Welcome to Fazbear’s Carnival! Download For Free

Welcome to Fazbear’s Carnival! is an interesting horror game that promises to bring all of us an unforgettable experience during the game. If you like challenges and missions in the official FNAF series, you definitely like it too. Let’s get started to explore how thrilling this game brings.

Welcome to Fazbear's Carnival!
Welcome to Fazbear’s Carnival!


Similar to many other unofficial games of the FNAF, this game comes along with a terrifying story in which you will take the role of the main character.

The game centers around a new location named Fazbear’s Carnival! At the moment, it wants to hire a maintenance technician who will take responsibility for the safety of every attraction. And you get this job. All you need to do is to make sure all attractions are normal and proper for the carnival in order to open its door to publish by the end of the week.

However, something weird is happening with this carnival and the attractions seem to be very abnormal. Now you and Peter, your new friend, will try your best to uncover the mysteries that have occurred in this location.

Remember that both old friends and new ones are around you and they want one simple thing: your head on a silver plate. That’s all.

Feel free to download Welcome to Fazbear’s Carnival! here. Will you survive five horrible nights at this place?

Five Nights


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