Ultimate Custom Night – Are You Ready To Play?

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Ultimate Custom Night
Ultimate Custom Night

As a game dedicated to FNAF fans to explore the video game, Ultimate Custom Night has gained a significant fanbase ever since the release in 2018. Created by Scott Cawthon, it will take you from surprise to panic. One more special thing about the game is that it allows you to choose your character.

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About Ultimate Custom Night Free Download For PC

Enter the FNAF world, you have to experience many difficulties to be the winner. Your character will be trapped in an office where has killer animatronics. These animatronics always try to attack you, so be careful. To complete the game, you have to pass seven Five Nights at Freddy’s games.

There are 50 characters for you to choose from. The game is customizable so that you can set the difficulty from 0-20. After setting, you can start the game.

your main mission is to avoid being attacked by killer animatronics
your main mission is to avoid being attacked by killer animatronics

In Ultimate Custom Night, as I stated, your main mission is to avoid being attacked by killer animatronics. You have to manage two air hoses and two vents as well. Always observe since they lead directly into your office. Players can set up laser traps at the vents to prevent the attacks. Also, you should master some tools if you want to complete challenges. The heater, a global music box, a power generator, and so on.

During the game, you remember to collect Faz-Coins. You can buy support items from the prize counter by these coins. You also complete themed challenges whilst try to survive each night.

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Other Features In Ultimate Custom Night

  • There are sixteen themed challenges on the menu.
  • All players have to complete themed challenges to unlock office skins and cutscenes.

If you are a die-hard FNAF fan, you can see that Ultimate Custom Night still follows the traditional formulas of series. But it does not mean that it has no new content and boring. The game is best suited for mature gamers. Still, no matter how old you are, the spooky atmosphere in the game can give you the fright.

Điểm neoOur Conclusion

We can say that Ultimate Custom Night is an exciting game that gathers all the strange things that used to appear in FNAF. Trust me and give it a try. Join the fun by clicking here to get Ultimate Custom Night Free Download For PC.

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