Twisted Reality: Origins

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Twisted Reality: Origins is made Panpaii who wants to bring players a prequel of the original FNAF game. This game, unbelievably, happens in 1989 where is 13 years before. What will take place in this year?

Twisted Reality: Origins
Twisted Reality: Origins


In 1989, you will play the role of Mike Mell who is a dangerous criminal and he is chased because of murder. He tries to escape from prison, and find a safe place to hide. Finally, he sees a large empty building and decides to jump inside it.

This building is very dark. On the ground, he finds out a flashlight that is convenient for him at this moment. He starts to enter carefully the main lobby in which there are a lot of tables and party hats on the floor. There are no lights ahead but he can see two giant robots. He attempts to approach closer them and now his eyes can adapt to the dark. He realizes two familiar faces that are SpringBonnie and his friend, Fredbear. Of course, he still remembers in his mind about them. They are still in there and stand on the stage. Bonnie plays guitar and Fredbear holds the mic.

After that, he hears something behind him, and this sound is louder and louder that makes him annoyed. He decides to track it and it leads him to an office with two doors. On the table next to him, there are five types that are arranged in order with different names. He starts to be curious and he listens to the first one… What happens to him?

Download Twisted Reality: Origins freely here and discover the rest of the story.


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