The Sea Shift at Austin’s 2 download for Free

The Sea Shift at Austin’s 2 is one of the top strategy FNaF fan games. Enjoy a thrilling story and fend off all of the animatronic enemies to survive!

The Sea Shift at Austin's 2
The Sea Shift at Austin’s 2

Releases of The Sea Shift at Austin’s 2 are playable!

You will embark on a cool title that is the collaboration with StevenMator, and OwneTrick. It has an exciting plot.

10 years after Austin’s Pizza opened, the location was shut, and animatronic mascots were locked away.

Recently, these machines come back and they get upgrades.

They comprise Austin, Hally, Gage, Wyatt, Joe, and Toxic. But, they often behave strangely at night.

They are employees of Austin and Joe’s Aquarium. It is the building where you work the nightshift.

As a security guard, you need to observe those robots and make sure they don’t cause any trouble. Meanwhile, you have to prevent them from killing you.

From cameras to other devices in the office, you can use these tools as the weapon. They’re great to supervise and block the foes from breaking into your space.

Play The Sea Shift at Austin’s 2 free download and you must protect yourself well! Don’t let any murder start or the same incident in the past happen to you!


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