The Return to Freddy’s Saga (Android) Download For Free

Explore the official version of The Return to Freddy’s Saga (Android) available on mobile devices. It’s free to play and immerse in a series of exciting challenges!

The Return to Freddy's Android Collection (Official) Download For Free
The Return to Freddy’s Android Collection (Official) Download For Free

Stories of The Return to Freddy’s Saga (Android)

The following storylines of the TRTF Android Collection help you learn about what you will have to implement and avoid.


While Mike Schmidt was nearly to quit his job, he saw a news article about the pizzeria. It included information about the place’s animatronics being fixed, the comeback of Foxy.

Besides, there were clues of the murder of 4 kids and one missing child. Further, they carried back some items from the old restaurant.

Meanwhile, the building had not been cleaned. The owner said that they were not responsible for any injury or dismemberment.


In The Return to Freddy’s 2, you get a part-time job working as a night watchman. Freddy and his gang will be new enemies.


You start the night shift amongst hiding legends from the past of another entertainment, Fazbear Fantasy Land. Once more, you are a security guard.

Your mission happens whilst the location’s boss is searching for some salvages before opening it officially. Your goal is to stay alive after the robots’ attacks.


After that land was destroyed 15 years ago, the government has already reopened it. But, something still survives.

Activate The Return to Freddy’s Saga (Android) Free Download and defend against all animatronics! It’s necessary to exist and be the winner at 6 AM!


Five Nights


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