Static: DarkStories Download For Free

Download Static: DarkStories free, a new horror FNaF inspired fan game, and show up your own survivability to avoid every dangerous jump of lurking monsters!

Static: DarkStories Download For Free
Static: DarkStories Download For Free

Static: DarkStories’ Story

You are moving into the cellar of a mysterious location known as Fredbear. You come here to damage a few things for revenge. Unfortunately, you quickly become the victim or a newer prey of numerous beasts.

They are robots possessed and they are killer machines as well.

Static: DarkStories’ Gameplay

It is a pack of two games, consisting of Static: Dark Expansion and Static: After Stories.

The current title will introduce a deadly playfield set in a creepy building. It is the place that you cannot escape unless you best every challenge coming from your enemy.

While you are trapped and trying to find out the exit, you are also followed by a scary creature.

You must prevent him from catching you or you will be killed.

With the tools that you control to mess up the area, you can unleash them as the weapon.

Static: DarkStories contains many elements like Five Nights at Freddy’s. Can you survive after each level? Keep in mind that it is not easy to beat antagonists! Therefore, it’s essential to act strategically! Good luck!


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