Static² – The AfterStories

Static²  – The AfterStories is a horror Five Nights at Freddy’s inspired fan game. It will be free for you to download and check out your survival ability!

Static²  - The AfterStories
Static² – The AfterStories

Static²  – The AfterStories Storyline

You have broken into the cellar of Fredbear, a restaurant that used to be a famous and fun place. Your intention is to make everything here mess up. Therefore, you will be able to get sweet revenge.

Unfortunately, you have awakened something and you finally fall too deep into that plan.

At present, you must find out every way to run away from all of the animatronic monsters. Unknown souls have possessed them and they will become crazier when seeing you.

Please make use of everything on the way to protect yourself from these robots wisely! They can lurk in the shadows and jump to grab you whenever.

Static²  – The AfterStories is a scary game that you shouldn’t skip. Try to survive!


Five Nights

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