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Shadows 2 is a horror Five Nights at Freddy’s fan-made game. Play like a night watchman in a dark building and your mission is to survive!

About Shadows 2 Free Download

Shadows 2 is known as the sequel to Shadows. It is about the story of a part-time security guard.

Shadows 2
Shadows 2

As an employee, you need to complete your nightshift excellently if you want to get paid. However, you are getting into trouble with something strange that you spot via the camera’s screen.

Most of the areas inside the location will pop up through the surveillance system on your laptop. After witnessing that clue, you decide to leave the room. Unfortunately, you fall into a deadly adventure.

Different from the first FNaF games by Scott, you will be able to roam around, open the doors, and more. While moving, you can be attacked from behind. Hence, protect your back and observe everything carefully.

Some scary monsters lurking can surprise you with dangerous jumpscares.

Keep calm! The flashlight is helpful to read notes or check out corners.


Left Mouse Button: interact with items

Esc: enter the menu

I: inventory

Left Mouse and Shift: run

F: toggle the flashlight

E: swap that mode

1 and 2: switch the light sources

Although Shadows 2 looks like Shadows, it contains a couple of noteworthy changes. It will run stronger, has a bigger map to travel around, or more enhanced scripts. Besides, there are numerous mysterious statues to explore and more. Good luck!


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