SCP – The Endurance Download For Free

SCP – The Endurance is a horror game that takes a lot of inspiration from the globally famous horror series named Five Nights At Freddy’s. Actually, this game previously was known as another name: Five Nights At SCP. If you a regular fan of the horror genre and are looking for a new experience, you should not ignore this game.

SCP - The Endurance
SCP – The Endurance


The game brings all of you to immerse yourself into a very thrilling story in which you will put yourself into the main character. Let’s get started to explore it!

How do you feel if you suddenly find yourself get stuck in an old facility? The game still stays true with the plot of the original series. You also have to face frightening characters in the darkness and try to approach and kill you whenever they can.

One day, you realize that you are being imprisoned in an SCP facility in which no one can reveal what will happen to you next. In this case, will you stay in your solitary or you will attempt to find a way to get out of this dangerous place? It’s up to you but we have to let you know that someone is waiting for you!

Get ready to download SCP – The Endurance for free on our website and continue to discover the rest of your destiny.


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