Scott in Space! – FNAF Anniversary Game Download For Free

Scott in Space! – FNAF Anniversary Game is a game full of fun and interesting! It is what you expect! Actually, this game does not follow the plot of the original FNAF of Scott Cawthon. Instead, it brings the players to join in a very fun world.

Normally, the original game and a lot of other fan-made game of FNAF take place in a certain location: Pizzeria, Store, McDonald’s restaurant, Factory, or Warehouse, etc. But this time, it will take all of you into space! That is very fantastic!

If you are a regular fan of the globally famous video game Flappy Bird, you definitely like this game too. Actually, the game is based on the Flappy Bird, from the graphics to the gameplay. All you need to do in this game is also the same as you do in the Flappy Bird.

In order words, you need to overcome the challenge by pressing Jump. You need to press Jump at the right time or you will die immediately. That seems to a very hard game but if you used to play the Flappy Bird, you will do well. Notice that the difficulty level will increase gradually so be careful.

Don’t hesitate to download Scott in Space! – FNAF Anniversary Game for free here and join this fun game.



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