Rejected Custom Night: Reborn

As the name itself suggests, Rejected Custom Night: Reborn is a new and improved version of Rejected Custom Night. Download the game for free to explore in more detail.

Rejected Custom Night: Reborn
Rejected Custom Night: Reborn

In fact, this game also includes everything that was remade in Clickteam Fusion 2.5. You definitely won’t get bored playing this game as it features characters that haven’t been included in UCN yet! This promises to bring you new experiences in the game.

In addition to the new character mechanics, the game also brings many differences in the lineup! There will be more offices and a high score system. They make you always have to work hard to get a high score in the game.

The game will also include new challenges and an interesting selection of music. Therefore, you will definitely never get bored while playing the game.

Besides, an endless game mode with more new secrets is also a key factor that makes this game attractive.

You can download Rejected Custom Night: Reborn for free today to experience the great features the game has to offer.


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