Rejected Custom Night 2

Free download Rejected Custom Night 2 and play a new challenge against 50 scary antagonists with different AI! Try to defend your office and survive!

Rejected Custom Night 2
Rejected Custom Night 2

It is a horror fan game of Ultimate Custom Night. However, it will come up with characters that have never appeared in the original game.

You will have the chance to check your survivability with 50 enemies. Before you press the GO button, you can select a gang of the rivals that you want. Additionally, you’re able to adjust and set their difficulty level, from 0 to 20.

You start off with a nightguard. You have to stay in a room to supervise everything. That includes preventing those foes from jumping in front of you. If their jumpscares happen, you will lose.

When you win, you can unlock more skins for the office and open up more cutscenes.

Rejected Custom Night 2 is not too terrifying as in Five Nights at Freddy’s. it even contains a lot of fun moments. Download the version and check your skills!


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