Project Readjusted Download For Android

Project Readjusted brings back another unique and exciting Five Nights at Freddy’s fan game, not for all. Enjoy the adventure alone and survive until the last moment!

Project Readjusted
Project Readjusted

Project Readjusted and a new story

You are hired to help everybody from a secret program. They need to have something that is significant, fragile, and dangerous. Your starting mission is to get the chip and replace it. Where is that item?

You are given six days to lure the target and fulfill your challenge. Can you finish your job without being grabbed and destroyed?

In other words, you will start off with a curious security guard after signing up to work a night shift. That period will occur between 9 PM and 3 AM.

Here, you can join an Endless Mode and encounter more cunning AI. Remember to avoid everything lethal during your shift! Further, you will have the chance to discover more when you progress.

It’s available to download Project Readjusted free! It’s time to perform your talent and conquer your assignment! From the surveillance system to buttons, they are useful devices to defend you from dangers. Don’t allow scary animatronic to invade your office! Otherwise, you will be killed. Good luck!

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