Project Readjusted 2 Download For Free

Project Readjusted 2 is an interesting fan-made game that is inspirited by the best horror game all over the world: Five Nights At Freddy’s. If you are a regular fan of this official, you should not miss it for any reason.


Project Readjusted 2
Project Readjusted 2

He has been gone for a long time

It is just a problem of time before he shows his face to the public

However, I cannot wait for him any longer

I want to have the answers to my questions,

Where did he go?

The game brings all of you to fall deeper into a thrilling story in which you will put yourself into the shoes of the main character. But who are you?

The company is in need of a technician. And you get this job. All you need to do is to be this technician to complete your final task under the name of the company. You have to observe and watch over animatronic patterns with the aim of improving the science. You will start your job at 9 pm and finish it at 3 am.

However, something weird is going on during your work shift. What mysteries are happening?

If you want to discover further the story, get ready to download Project Readjusted 2 for free here, and start things off.



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