Project: Midway Download For Free

Project: Midway, which is for free download here simply by a click, promises to bring you incredible experiences with its own attraction.

Project: Midway
Project: Midway


The game will bring you to fall into a story in which you will put yourself into the shoes of the main character who is put into a difficult situation. In fact, you find yourself lost everything, lost your house, lost your money. You have nothing now. All you have now is serious depression. Besides, your family is poor and forced to live in an old house.

But you read news about Chuck The Cheetah and Joe The Alligator’s Midway Diner which is in need of hiring an employee who wants to work at night shift in order to make sure of the security of equipment and facility. And finally, you decided to apply for this job with the hope of earning a large amount of money and bring your family back to real life.

Nevertheless, you suddenly have a bad feeling about what will happen in this location. You realize that animatronic robots tend to behave strangely during the night time. All you have is a light controller, a fire alarm, and an animatronic rewinder to use to drive them off.

Don’t hesitate to download Project: Midway for free and enjoy this game.


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