POPGOES: RADIX Download For Free

Access POPGOES: RADIX, a new part of the original POPGOES series, and play against several monsters! It’s free to download and start the new exploration!

POPGOES: RADIX Download For Free
POPGOES: RADIX Download For Free

It’s an unofficial prequel to the POPGOES. However, it’s still true to the lore. It expands on mysterious sections of the story. Besides, there are also some original backstory details.

You should embark on the POPGOES first. Then, you can join a fully free-roam psychological horror experience.

You control Jeremy Fitzgerald (Fritz Glade). He is a talented inventor and he is depressed because of an unforgettable incident in FNAF. That event is The Bite of 87.

You will have to encounter those memories. Terrifying mirages of scary animatronic mascots are ready to torment you.

You are currently a nightguard. You need to revisit his past and check every fact.

In POPGOES: RADIX, you should prepare for sprinting, crawling, or hiding and fighting whenever. Try to listen to the noise and block animatronics from catching you!


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