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Obsolete: After the Accident was introduced the first time on May 30th, 2018. As many other Five Nights at Freddy’s fangame, it is a survival frightening video game allowing the character freely to wander.


About the game:

As mentioned before, it is a fangame of Five Nights at Freddy’s. Let spend a minute to discover the story in this game.

Plot: Obsolete: After the Accident involves a girl whose name is Olivia who had a crucial injury after something dangerous came to her and no one knows what happened, even Olivia.

Her injury is still available in her. She could only beat it with time, but after 11 years, it still exists. She will never overlook.


Act 1: Broken Dream

The player will play a role as Olivia who has apparently missed her father. After holding a button on a table, an animatronic called Anty begins speaking to Olivia and requires her to play with him. After taking her to a room, the game begins. She has to protect herself from Anty, Helper, and Mousey until 6 AM

  • Anty the Ant: The player has to follow very often the big door for Anty. If he is approaching the entrance door, the player has to conceal in the closet until he leaves. If the door is opened for a long time, Anty will begin approaching Olivia and kill her.
  • Helper the Bird: He is seen standing at the angle of the room. At the time his eyes become red, he will scan the room to detect Olivia. The player must find a way to hide behind the glass to avert the light. If you failed to do so, he will kill Olivia immediately. To avoid that, the player can test Helper’s eyes: they are firstly green, and become much redder and redder when the time passes.
  • Mousey the Mouse: A meter is displayed above the tiny door, directing Olivia where Mousey is. Olivia has to join the mini-game next to the door to prevent Mousey approaches the door, as he slowly creates his way to her. If Olivia passes a level of the mini-game, Mousey will be pushed aside. Nonetheless, if she does not pass and her character was killed, Mousey will come near her. When the meter ends, Mousey will come in and exterminate the player.

After Olivia succeeds, the animatronics will vanish, with a vent opening. Olivia must ascend via the vent to archive another room. She then has a walk to the end of the room and she will come to another one. At present, she is stuck in there and is probably killed.

Act 2: Check-Up

This Act is WIP (Work-In-Process). We all hope that we could introduce this act all you as soon as possible.


Obsolete: After the Accident is popularly estimated as a must-try fangame that every player who has played will suggest this game instantly.

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