Nights at Fazbear’s Fright Download For Free

Nights at Fazbear’s Fright is a point & click horror Five Nights at Freddy’s fan game. Start off with an exciting mission and get ready to defeat every deadly jump!

Nights at Fazbear's Fright
Nights at Fazbear’s Fright

Nights at Fazbear’s Fright’s Gameplay

Embark on a completely strange job at a haunted location named Fazbear’s Fright as a night watchman.

As a security guard, your challenge will focus on watching over equipment and blocking intruders. However, it is not simple when you have to encounter numerous monsters living in the building.

Aside from protecting the show, you also must do the same for yourself.

Scary creatures that can kill you will include animatronic mascots. They are haunted and they often behave strangely at night.

If they successfully break into the office, you can die. Their jumpscares are actually dangerous and lethal.

Similar to FnaF: Sister Location by Scott Cawthon, you can roam partially. Look out! Something can grab you from behind.

Along with the main levels, there will be a few mini-games telling secrets.

Master control keys from Nights at Fazbear’s Fright’s and you can walk, interact with the flashlight, or crouch easily. Download 3 Nights Demo first for free and explore how to play your task now!


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