Mac Tonight: 2nd Anniversary Edition Download For Free

Mac Tonight: 2nd Anniversary Edition is designed with the main aim of celebrating the first gameplay release to the public in April 2017. If Mac Tonight is your favorite character, don’t hesitate anymore to get the game for free download here.

Mac Tonight: 2nd Anniversary Edition
Mac Tonight: 2nd Anniversary Edition


In this celebration, you will immerse yourself in a thrilling story that takes place in a local McDonald’s. recently, this restaurant is in need of a nightguard to work from 12 am to am in 6 hours. In fact, you have never believed this place from hearing many scary rumors from local people. However, you eventually decide to apply for this position anyways to get some money for your summer holiday.

When you join your interview, you meet a special name called Chris. He seems not to the brightest person but you believe that he is good enough to give the job for you. He told me that he will send you a few necessary pre-recorded calls during your work shift about what you need to do and what you not to do.

However, you soon realize that something weird is going on around you. You suddenly have a bad feeling that someone is trying to come closer. Who are they? What is their final aim?

Download Mac Tonight: 2nd Anniversary Edition for free and continue to self-discover the story


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