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JOLLY is a fan-made horror game, which is free for download here on our website. This game is made inspired by the FNAF horror game series and features the famous Jolly Bee franchise.


If you are looking for crossover games of the FNAF series, you should have a look at JOLLY. As its name prefers, it is the crossover between FNAF and the Jolly Bee famous restaurant.

And the main animatronic character of this game is also featured by Jolly the happy bee. Are you ready for a creepier version of him yet? You will also play as the night guard, this time you will guard at Jolly Bee restaurant.


You will expect to see new animatronic characters in this game, and the most iconic one is Jolly the Bee. Other animatronic robots include Tweetie the bird, George, Maxie, Metalionette, and red Jolly.

Those animatronic characters will appear depending on nights, which means that you will only see 2 to 3 animatronic characters per night. The gameplay is kept remained, which is click and point, however, there are some slight changes that we will leave it to you for discovering yourself.

JOLLY is free for download here on our website, so try it out without hesitation.

Five Nights


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