JOLLY Download For Free

JOLLY Free Download For PC for gamers who love the IvanG horror game the developer brought not long ago. This brings an extreme excitement for fans of this horror game series.

Because of this, the developer distilled out the most quintessential of this game series to put into the game in order to perfectly convey the most frightening ending for the player.

You play as a little boy trying to survive in a house full of dangerous fads. The old context is completely replaced. No more familiar Pizza shop every day but instead the character’s house. There will be no ‘Home sweet home’ but instead a dark landscape, the darkness around and the scurrying light and danger waiting for him.

The boy must always look and listen for the timely response to the sudden appearance of scary stuffed animals as well as explore to discover what is happening around. He looked nervously at the clock and looked forward to the early hours of 6am so everything would be over.


The game shows great progress in terms of graphics compared to previous versions. No more grizzly bears and chickens, but instead an extremely wicked face, full of sharp fangs ready to send players to the board at any time. The surrounding space is designed very scary, quiet and you can only see around by the dim flashlight. JOLLY definitely will not let you be dissapointed !

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