Insanity Download For Free

Insanity by Salvage is free for you to download and play! It’s a cool horror fangame of Five Nights at Freddy’s. In which, you must block animatronics from invading your office.

Insanity Download For Free
Insanity Download For Free

Insanity – A strategy game

It’s important for you to act strategically if you want to win.

Start as a security guard named Jeremy, working at a dark vintage pizzeria in the local. Aside from the main task, you have to complete another challenge.

If you let only one of the enemies invade your space, you can be killed immediately.

Try to manage every device and tool around the room carefully! Otherwise, you cannot fend off deadly jumpscares caused by your foes.

However, you’re recommended to keep an eye on power, the limited supply. If you run out of that resource before the nightshift is finished, you’ll get into trouble instantly.

It’s especially difficult to escape when many scary monsters are surrounding your area. Hence, attempt to manipulate items in reach to scout and prevent those possessed robots!

Come to Insanity Free Download you’d better get ready to deal with the most dangerous attacks. It’s not easy to conquer stages and level up. It’s crucial to find out the right tactics so you can remain alive at the end! Good luck!


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