Golden Memory Remastered

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Golden Memory Remastered is a fan-made game that is based on the popular horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s. Download the game for free to experience today.

Golden Memory Remastered
Golden Memory Remastered

The game is set in a new pizzeria coming soon! The special feature of this store is that it is decorated with various Animatronics. They really are the main attraction that will give you more surprises in the game.

Come have fun with the arcades of this place and eat the best pizza in town. Then you can uncover the mysteries of these animatronics.

The game also includes a lot of new things such as new graphics, characters, and models for you to freely explore. You also can experience them and certainly can not be bored during the game.

What are you waiting for without downloading Golden Memory Remastered completely free to play today? This game certainly gives you more interesting experiences when enjoying. Good luck to you!


Five Nights


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