Golden Memory 2

Join Golden Memory 2 a new Five Nights at Freddy’s fan-made game and start as a night watcher. Complete your mission and defend your life from animatronic robots for survival!

Golden Memory 2
Golden Memory 2

Golden Memory 2 Storyline

After shutting down Fredbear’s Family Dinner 17 years ago, the owner once more decides to build up another different posture. He determines to revive all of the characters from the old pizzeria.

Therefore, the company has rolled out Fredbear’s Pizza ShowTime. Not only that, they will need a security guard. And, you are selected.

Similar to the office in FNaF games, your room is full of devices to fulfill your challenge. You’d better look over them and check how they work. Be careful! Each time you interact with them, the power supply will be decreased.

After the nightshift, you can engage in chores.

Although the description of your part-time job sounds exciting, it hides a secret that can cause danger to you.

So as to earn enough money, you have to protect yourself strategically. Actually, you can encounter multiple scary creatures during your adventure. Tools around your space are effective to stop them from entering your area and killing you.

Download Golden Memory 2 for free and you can connect to an intense playfield. Can you overcome every situation and remain alive in the end?


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