Fun Times at Homer’s 2(DEMO) Download For Free

Fun Times at Homer’s 2 (DEMO) is a fan-made game that is inspired from Five Nights at Freddy’s and the series Simpsons.


Fun Times at Homer’s 2 (DEMO) happens at the Krusty Burger location, in which the mechanics of the animatronics are designed depending on the characters from the Simpsons. You will play a role as the security guard, who works at the restaurant at night for checking the action of the animatronics.

If you hear nothing about the animatronics, you highly can be killed if they approach you. All you need to know is that they could free wander at night. You do not have any weapons instead; you can only use the simple thing like a flashlight to check the animatronics.

Fun Times at Homer's 2(DEMO)
Fun Times at Homer’s 2(DEMO)

This game supplies the easy points and clicks mechanism. This permits you to use the tools as well as free to wander over the map. This probably makes you feel similar if you have played other games of the series Five Nights at Freddy’s before.

Fun Times at Homer’s 2 (DEMO) lasts only one night, but the sensation it brings to players like that this night will last endless. You will never find these characters in another game. Honestly, if you are the faithful of the Simpson series and Five Nights at Freddy’s, Fun Times at Homer’s 2 (DEMO) is the most suitable game for you. This coordination of two famous series rarely happens but now it exists

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