Fun Times at Homer’s 2 Download For Free

Fun Times at Homer’s 2 is a horror game that promises to bring players interesting and thrilling experiences. If you are a fan of the worldwide famous horror series Five Nights At Freddy’s, you definitely can not miss this game for any reason.

Fun Times at Homer's 2
Fun Times at Homer’s 2


Similar to the original game, the game comes along with a terrifying story that centers around the main character who will take the role of the security coach.

At the moment, another dine has been opened its door to the public in the new name of The Simpsons. In this time, it takes place in Krusty Burger location and it is worth noting that suspicious and unpredictable activities have been happening on this location. As a result, after the Al Test finished on Simpsons Happy Donuts, the Security Couch is sent there with the mission of checking these weird activities for some nights as his first real mission. However, nothing is really easy. What will happen to him next? What will possibly go wrong?

One thing is revealed. There is a lot of animatronics that are used to make customers relaxed. Nevertheless, during the work shift of the security couch, their behaviors suddenly become strange. Be careful whenever they approach.

Download Fun Times at Homer’s 2 for free on our website and put yourself into the shoes of this security couch and explore what will happen next.


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