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Following that success, FNAF Project Box, a new FNAF fangame will bring you to unprecedented experiences. FNAF Project Box Free Download For PC is here.

FNAF Project Box
FNAF Project Box

Five Nights at Freddy’s impresses the player with its unique gameplay and extremely high-quality sound and visual system. More than five years ago, no one thought Five Nights at Freddy’s – a survival horror game released by a relatively unknown game maker like Scott Cawthon.

It could make such a big impact. The animatronics makes countless players fall asleep with bouts of evil. But this has become a “fertile ground” for FNAF fans to create their own products. And FNAF Project Box was born thanks in part to that inspiration. So, is there anything worth paying attention to in this game?

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Main features

Not only inspired by the original game, but FNAF Project Box was also developed directly by producer Mediocre Mel from Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Twisted Ones. This is an unprecedented thing for any FNAF game that has ever appeared on the market.


In the game, you play Charlie (the protagonist of the book). Her situation was extremely difficult now when she suddenly woke up in an underground pizza restaurant. And of course with her are the animatronics haunted, represented by Foxy, Freddy, Tool. 5 horror nights are waiting for you ahead and the challenges posed will certainly be very catastrophic.

Exploiting the gameplay has many similarities with the original version of Five Nights at Freddy’s but FNAF Project Box still makes players pay attention to the extremely unique features. How to play this game is based on “balance”. There will be up to 5 locations that you need to keep an eye on including Power breaker, Monitor, The clock, West and east doors, and the box.

For example, when night falls, besides being alert for 2 animatronics appearing at the east-west doors, you will have to choose the time to hide in the box if there is a “feeling” they will appear at the same time. The later animatronics will have different effects or effects on how doors, boxes and monitors, and light affect them.

All electronic animation has two appearances: their true form when appearing in the dark and their twisted illusion shape appearing when the light is on.

Besides creative content, FNAF Project Box will use soft lighting to limit your visibility. 320×180 native resolution is reasonably combined with various window size options.

The last thing you must note: Be alert! They (animatronics) are right next to you ..

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Release information

FNAF Project Box was officially released on December 26, 2019 on the PC platform, but Mediocre Mel still has ambitions to launch a version for the phone in the near future. Give him a little more time. In addition, this game is completely free and all donations will go to the actors who voiced the characters. Very cool, right? The link to download the game will be placed at the end of the article.

Điểm neoConclusion

FNAF Project Box promises to be a big push for fans of the legendary horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s. Are you brave enough to challenge yourself again?

Get FNAF Project Box Free Download For PC right here and right now.

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