Fnaf: Arcade Download For Free

Fnaf: Arcade is designed by Legitim8 who is a fan of the worldwide well-known series FNAF. Thanks to the popularity of the official game, he decides to bring a spin-off game in which you are able to experience the lovely version instead of the evil version. Let’s get started to get the game for free download here.

Fnaf: Arcade
Fnaf: Arcade

Basically, the game consists of multiple interesting minigames in which you will put yourself into the shoes of the main character. Your task is to try to complete a lot of different minigame stages and unblock animatronic robots as many as possible. It is worth noting that the game comes with familiar characters from the FNAF games but this time, they appear with a cute version. They are Fredbear, Bonnie, Foxy, Chica, and so on.

One attractive thing about this game is its sound. The players can customize it through each stage.


The game comes along with these following features:

  • If you unluckily lose a minigame, you are allowed to use a retry button to start things off.
  • The players can interact with some objects in the game
  • The game offers ‘easy mode’ and several new minigames.


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