FNaC:R Mobile Download For Free

FNaC:R Mobile is made and developed with the aim of releasing unique fan pork for Emil’s Five Nights At Candy’s: Remastered. If you are a fan of FNAC, it is very pity if you miss this game for any reason. Feel free to download the game here.

FNaC:R Mobile
FNaC:R Mobile

The main aim of the creator is to bring FNAC:R for the players with the version of Android. This means that you now are able to play the game whenever you want. That is very convenient!


The game comes along with a thrilling story in which a lot of mysterious things are waiting for you to discover.

The story sets in Candy’s Burgers and Fries where is a new family restaurant in the local. It is a great place for kids and their parents to go to and enjoy delicious meals as well as have experienced full of joy and happiness. The main attraction of this restaurant is animatronics. They are used to make the customers relaxed while enjoying the meal.

And now this place is in need of hiring an employee who takes responsibility for the night shift from 12 am to 6 am to watch out for equipment and facility of the restaurant and keep an eye on animatronic robots.

However, when you switch the cameras, you see something wrong happening.

Get ready to download FNaC:R Mobile for free and enjoy the game in your own way.


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