Five Nights with Mac Tonight Download For Free

Five Nights with Mac Tonight is one of the most enjoyable horror games all over the world. Actually, it is just an unofficial game of the FNAF series but you definitely feel satisfied with it at first sight.

Five Nights with Mac Tonight
Five Nights with Mac Tonight


The game brings the player to immerse himself into a very thrilling and creepy story. It takes place at a so famous fast-food restaurant, McDonald’s. And it is in need of a security guard. Of course, you have applied for this job.

You will take responsibility for the night shift. Through the week, you will work 6 hours starting from 12 am and finish at 6 am. Your job is to check all the activities happening around this building through the camera system in your office with a panel provides to you by your company. But why you get this job?

Many employees at the building notice that Mac Tonight animatronic is not in its right position every morning. They think that some young people have been breaking in this place and tampering around.

And that is your job. You need to make sure that no one can break in and Mac Tonight behaves properly.

Get ready to download Five Nights with Mac Tonight for free here and start your job in this fast-food restaurant.


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