Five Nights with Mac Tonight: Remastered Download For Free

Five Nights with Mac Tonight: Remastered is made by P.N.M who wants to bring more new experiences for the fans of the Five Nights with Mac Tonight series. If you are also a fan of this famous game, don’t hesitate to get it for free download here.

Five Nights with Mac Tonight: Remastered
Five Nights with Mac Tonight: Remastered


The story brings you back to the very early 1990’s. McDonald’s, one of the most famous fast-food restaurants, had implemented their advertisement strategy for its products by the use of Mac Tonight, a very new mascot at the moment. Due to the success of these commercials, customers have been going to the local McDonald’s to enjoy their products as well as enjoy Happy Meals for their children. And Chris, who is the manager of this place, had bought a new set of animatronic robots and sent it to the McDonald’s in order to earn more money from this money-making machine. And that is the reason why you are hired to work there. The manager had announced that before the robots were sent there, they seemed to have malfunctioned in the warehouse in which they stayed before arriving. As a result, the robots had to be repaired and delaying their arrival. And your job was to work the night shift in the restaurant in one week in order to guarantee that the robots can function accurately. You also have to make sure that no one can break in to destroy the expensive robots.

But during your work shift, you unexpectedly see that Mac has been moving and you have a bad feeling.

Download Five Nights with Mac Tonight: Remastered for free and try it.


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