Five Nights with Mac Tonight 3 Download For Free

Five Nights with Mac Tonight 3 is the sequel to Five Nights with Mac Tonight 2. Due to the request of the fan community, P.N.M continues to make this game. If you are a fan of Mac Tonight, it is very pity to miss the game. Download it for free here.

Five Nights with Mac Tonight 3
Five Nights with Mac Tonight 3


Like two previous games in this series, this game leads all of you into a thrilling story in which you will take the role of the main character. But who are you?

The story happens in the year 2015. A group of people detected an abandoned McDonald’s and they have made a plan to re-create this restaurant. This time, it is known as Friendship 500 and changes it into a Deep Discovery Center. It is a great place that attracts a large number of visitors. Nevertheless, something bad happened. Gangs sneaked in the Friendship 500 at night and destroyed it with graffiti and other things. After this incident, the place decides to hire a security guard to work overnight and watch out for the safety of this restaurant. And you will be this night guard. You have to check the cameras to make sure no one can get into this establishment. However, on your first night, something wrong is going on.

Don’t hesitate to download Five Nights with Mac Tonight 3 for free. Can you survive five creepy nights?


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