Five Nights with Mac Tonight 2 Download For Free

Five Nights with Mac Tonight 2 is a horror-strategy fan-made game of Five Nights at Freddy’s. Open the door of a creepy restaurant and complete your job without being captured!

Five Nights with Mac Tonight 2
Five Nights with Mac Tonight 2

Everything about Five Nights with Mac Tonight 2

The new story occurs at an enchanting location for kids and families. McDonald’s has attracted a large number of customers after the Mac Tonight commercials appeared.

While earning a lot of money, the owner decides to increase the amount of advertising. Besides, they have ordered a set of animatronic robots. They will be modern mascots that can help guests feel happier and safer.

That destination also opens a door so you can enter to embark on your mission. In other words, you will become a security guard.

They have been shipped to a storage facility and kept there while waiting for performing in front of everybody. However, they really look lively.

You are selected to experience the night shift in their warehouse. In which, you need to supervise the building and prevent robbers from stealing valuable items.

As in FNaF games, you should remember that you can be attacked by many roaming machines. They are possessed and turned aggressive.

Five Nights with Mac Tonight 2 is a creepy title that accessible for free. Attempt to block all dangerous monsters from breaking into your space! Or, you will be destroyed.


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