Five Nights With 39 – Impurity Download For Free

Five Nights With 39 – Impurity is a free Five Nights at Freddy’s fan game. Get ready to download and uncover every secret in the new adventure!

Five Nights With 39 Impurity
Five Nights With 39 Impurity

You are playing around in a creepy location in which you are able to discover the true Impurity. It’s a mystery that a scary character is hiding.

You will have the chance to come back to a familiar building. It’s a place where had ever ventured.

However, it’s now covered with the dark and something wicked. It’s impossible to find out anything alive here.

It’s time you embark on your next exploration! Your story will occur on a mysterious island. To learn about the truth, you must forage every area and search for everything missing.

Five Nights With 39 – Impurity is available to download and experience. It offers a difficult puzzle that even relates to your survival. Are you willing to uncover it by yourself and survive until you win?


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