Five Nights: Scrapped Download For Free

Five Nights: Scrapped is where you will be able to have experiences full of joys and thrilling. Inspired by the globally famous FNAF game, mikequeen123, the author of this game, decides to make and develop a fun game for the players. Don’t hesitate to download the game for free simply by a click.

It is a fact that the game does not come with a real story overall like the original FNAF series as well as many other fan-made games. Essentially, the game is pretty straightforward. After running and entering the game, you will be provided a time limitation that is shown on the top left of the game screen. Your mission is that you will attempt to survive until time-up meaning that the game will finish when the time counts to 0. It is worth noting that it will gradually change the difficulty level from easy to normal and hard. In the beginning, the players will begin to play with just one animatronic character. But after that, the game will add more to challenge the players. Notice that each of the characters will have a unique feature and behavior. Some of them are fast, some others are possible to chase you longer, etc.

If you are ready to enjoy Five Nights: Scrapped, download it for free without any hesitation.


Five Nights


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