Five Nights In Anime 3 [Fangame] Download For Free

Five Nights In Anime 3 is a fan-made game, which is free for download here on our website. This game is a parody of Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 horror game, featuring sexy animatronic characters.


The Five Nights In Anime series is a parody series of the FNAF franchise, which comprises of 3 games, and Five Nights In Anime 3 is the last game of the series. Almost all features in the original FNAF series are kept remained in this game, the only differences are the animatronic characters and how they kill you.

The characters in this series are sexy anime human hybrid, which is designed in 2D anime style. They are not evil, all they want to do to humans are to show love by kissing and hugging.

Five Nights In Anime 3
Five Nights In Anime 3

However, they have never expected that they can kill us by hugging and kissing. So instead of having jumpscare scenes, you will get boob-scare and kiss scenes. You will be hired to work as a night guard, you should pay a lot of attention or may end up being hugged to death.

If you are a fan of both anime and FNAF games, this is the game that you should not miss.  Five Nights In Anime 3 is free for download.

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