Five Nights At VenturianTale Download For Free

Play Five Nights At VenturianTale a free-to-download FNaF fan game, and defend yourself against some scary characters! Can you survive at all costs before winning?

FNAVT – a cool single-player horror game

Five Nights At VenturianTale Download For Free
Five Nights At VenturianTale Download For Free

It’s a creation inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s. Similar to the series created by Scott Cawthon, the adventure will be made for only you.

However, you’re not alone. Many enemies will soon appear around your room.

The new adventure takes place in a haunted house including numerous areas. Your rivals will inhabit these zones. Especially, they can move.

In order to become the winner or simply to stay alive, you must prevent them from breaking into your space. Seeing them directly will stop your challenge instantly with a bad ending.

While sitting and unable to roam, you should use cameras to track their moves. But, you have to find other items to block them.

Different from FNAF games, you can join more stages. Therefore, it promises to be an exciting story.

Download Five Nights At VenturianTale you will have the chance to practice or test your own survivability for free. You can figure out various designs not existing before and so on. More importantly, you need to protect your life until 6 AM. Shall you beat Nights and escape?


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