Five Nights at Treasure Island (Official) Free Download For Android

Download Five Nights at Treasure Island (Official) for free! Play the new horror FNaF fan game and use up your talent to fend off all monsters!

Five Nights at Treasure Island (Official)
Five Nights at Treasure Island (Official)

The official Five Nights at Treasure Island

You are joining a real reboot of the title Five Nights At Treasure Island.

It is a great remake that has already finished what Anart1996 began with an entirely different story contained.

Experience another upgraded gameplay and a creepy atmosphere you need to act carefully.

So, your character is Jake Smith. He is a university student who has engaged in the SSA through an educational program.

He is assigned a bizarre challenge. He needs to watch over a famous Disney resort abandoned to gather data. It is called Treasure Island.

In which, you should give him a hand so your friend can solve his task on time.

Unluckily, the place hides many secrets and even numerous lethal creatures. It’s crucial to fight strategically or you will be jumped whenever. Indeed, jumpscares will show a bad ending.

Participate in the adventure of Five Nights at Treasure Island (Official) you must take advantage of everything nearby. They will be the most useful weapons to prevent the enemy from killing you. Are you willing to start your mission and bring your buddy to his home safely? Good luck!


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