Five Nights at Polar’s Downlaod For Free

Five Nights at Polar’s is a horror fan game of Five Nights at Freddy’s, set in a haunted pizzeria. In which, you need to protect your life from evil animatronic robots.

Five Nights at Polar’s Gameplay

Five Nights at Polar's Downlaod For Free
Five Nights at Polar’s Downlaod For Free

The new challenge happens in a dark vintage pizza restaurant in the local. It is the place where your part-time job will occur. The main attraction is the animatronic mascots.

You have become a security guard to watch over everything in the building from midnight to 6 AM.

But, the mission will not stop there. In fact, you are forced to implement and complete another tough objective. It relates to your survival.


There was an old location where everybody and kids could enjoy with animal-shaped machines many years ago. But, it was shut down and nobody found out the reason.

After that, Jeremy appears and reopens it. He determines to run his own business. And you are the person that he hires to care for his equipment for 5 nights.

Play Five Nights at Polar’s game and the most important task is to stay alive! Can you conquer the goal and get paid? Download the newest version and prove your talent right now!


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