Five Nights at Pinkie’s 4 Download For Free

Five Nights at Pinkie’s 4 is a fun horror strategy FNaF fan game. Play the new challenge like a security guard and remember to block all animatronic ponies!

Five Nights at Pinkie’s 4 and the gameplay

Five Nights at Pinkie's 4
Five Nights at Pinkie’s 4

It is the last chapter from the series named Five Nights at Pinkie’s. Here, you are able to encounter the scariest monsters.

They are mascots of an attraction. And, they are your enemies. Can you prevent them from invading your room? Otherwise, you should prepare for getting the worst ending.

As in Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon, each creature will own a different movement pattern. You can realize that via the screen of the surveillance system.

Cameras have an important role during your mission. They transmit the moves of those opponents so you can make a rightful plan to deal with them.

Further, you are given some other tools. They are very effective to protect you from their lethal jumpscares.

While they can wander throughout the building, it is impossible for you to depart from the office. It is obviously an unfair match. However, you are forced to fight if you want to avoid being killed.

Download Five Nights at Pinkie’s 4 and get ready to prove your survivability! Can you stay alive at 6 AM? Don’t forget to test other installments! Good luck!


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