Five Nights at Maggie’s Download for Free

Five Nights at Maggie’s is a creepy FNaF fan-made game. It’s free to download and challenge your survivability! Shall you get paid and stay alive?

Play Five Nights at Maggie’s and survive!

Five Nights at Maggie's
Five Nights at Maggie’s

Welcome to Maggie’s Magical World! It is known as a pizzeria for the family. Parents and their kids in the local love to visit the location for food and shows.

Everything will happen with the presence of some animatronic mascots. They are Maggie, Chanchi, and Lola. They can perform, serve customers, and make them disappear secretly.

They are also waiting for you!

Start off with a night watchman working the part-time nightshift beginning at midnight.

During the period the job occurs, you must keep yourself safe from annoying robots. They can roam and capture you due to a few mechanical errors or something. In other words, they are haunted!

You’d better block them from moving into your office if you want to win.

It’s necessary to use tools properly or they can consume the limited resource fast.

Five Nights at Maggie’s is one of the best horror fan games inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s. Download the version as soon as you can so as to prove your talent!


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