Five Nights at F***boy’s: Complete Collection Download For Free

Five Nights at F***boy’s: Complete Collection is a downloadable FNaF fan game. It’s also available to play a Web version online. Control animatronic characters and help them end up what they desire!

Five Nights at F***boy's: Complete Collection
Five Nights at F***boy’s: Complete Collection

Experience a Complete Collection of Five Nights at F***boy’s

Take part in a new edition of the series and manage to fulfill your mission in another way. You will not start as a night watchman. But, you are animatronics possessed.

There are three chapters. Each of them brings back different challenges.

In Five Nights at F***boy’s 1, you are Freddy, a robotic mascot from Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott. Try to get a “Radical Night of Hardcored Debauchery”!

You have some companions like Chica, foxy, and Bonnie. With their support, you can attack, demolish all cameras and enjoy the party.

Within Five Nights at F—boy’s 2, you are Toy Freddy. Your task is to join a “Mind-crushingly amazing night of pure excitement and revelry”. Destroy screens following you as soon as you can!

Come to Five Nights at F—boy’s 3, you will be Springtrap. You are on the way to activate an Ultimate Night. Unfortunately, the guard from the office has blocked your path.

Five Nights at F***boy’s: Complete Collection is free to participate in. download the story and remember to select the right action!


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