Five Nights at Creeper’s 3 Episode 1 Download For Free

Five Nights at Creeper’s 3 with Episode 1 is a free strategy game inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s. Download the present release play against multiple scary enemies!

Five Nights at Creeper's 3 Episode
Five Nights at Creeper’s 3 Episode

Enjoy Episode 1 of Five Nights at Creeper’s 3

You will have the chance to take part in an exciting story.

  • As in Fnaf games, you will start as a night security guard.  Command Inc. has decided to hire you.
  • So, you will work the night shift at a storage facility from 12 AM to 6 AM. Your task is to watch over the place for 5 nights.
  • Besides, you may have to do maintenance on the robots that the company stored there. The boss does not require any prior knowledge of robotics.
  • Meanwhile, you can earn over $1000 a week if you fulfill your part-time job.

Download Five Nights at Creeper’s 3 Episode 1 you must defend your life from roaming dangerous creatures for survival! They are the miner, the magician, the pirate, and more.


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