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Five Nights at Candy’s
Five Nights at Candy’s

If you are a big fan of the horror strategy game, Five Nights at Candy’s is yours! Welcome to Candy’s world where you freely show your strategic talent, acumen, and more!

Stay tuned and keep reading to catch how to play this game as well as get the attached link Five Nights at Candy’s free download for PC at the end!

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Published in May 2015 by Emil “Ace” Marko, though, Five Nights at Candy’s still have kept its appeal up to now. With its particular characteristics, including realistic bloodshed and fantasy violence, this game is ideal for adolescence.

this game is ideal for adolescence
This game is ideal for adolescence

As you all know, no company is without a rival and Freddy Fazbear’s New Pizzeria in-game too. As a result, it has closed for good, simultaneously, another restaurant is going to take the place of it in the world of entertainment.

Some characters will appear in this game, including:

  • Candy The Cat
  • Cindy The Cat
  • Old Candy
  • The Penguin
  • Blank The Animatronic
  • Chester The Chimpanzee

How to play Five Nights at Candy’s

  • In five nights at Candy’s, the entire restaurant will be covered by the dark at night, so the cameras are equipped with Night Vision.
  • To launch Night Vision, you tab on a camera to view the camera feed and then press on it once again to enable the feature.
  • The cameras CAM-04 and CAM-06 are styled to point right at the other side of each of the doors; therefore, you can observe anything happens, using Night Vision.
  • Each of the 3 doors in your office comes with the three little mini batteries above the Power Meter. The mini-power-meter of that door will begin to fill up as soon as a door is closed.
  • The mini-power-meters display how much power a door consumes, which means that the longer a door keeps to closed, the more power will be used up.

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Điểm neoFinal thoughts

Five Nights at Candy’s is one of the best FNaF fangames ever. Models, climate, mechanics, backstory – that all makes this game really, truly the best! Hurry up to download this excellent title game right now and right here!

Link Five Nights at Candy’s free download for PC right here:

Five Nights


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