FazHonker Download For Free

FazHonker is a friendly Five Nights at Freddy’s fan game for all ages. Download the version for free and entertain yourself in a newer way!


It is a sidesplitting game. It’s pretty exciting and addictive to play.

Enter a dark building and seat in a silent room. You will have to upgrade everything smartly. The main aim is to turn the location into the top pizzeria chain in the town.

You can improve some animatronic mascots of the building instead of running away from them. It’s doable by clicking on their nose. The first model is Freddy.

When you click like that, you will earn cash. The money allows you to purchases new Freddies along with accessories and more decors.

You will receive random messages from the characters that you love most. Or, they can come from a random guy. These will contain an inside joke.

FazHonker is a fun and not scary clicker game by KookieKooker Fazbear Ent. It’s free to download!


Five Nights


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