Fazbear’s Shootout Download For Free

Fazbear’s Shootout is highly recommended for all fans who are looking for new experiences with animatronic characters. It is made and developed UE4-FNaF-FanGame-Dev who intends to bring an interesting horror game for the players to enjoy incredible experiences. Quickly download the game for free here.

Fazbear's Shootout
Fazbear’s Shootout

In the game, the story takes place in Fazbear Entertainment. You decide to apply for the job at this location and today is the first day you work here. All you need to do is to try making use of an arcade machine. That is the only mission and do nothing at all. This entertainment makes sure that all your credits and coins which you obtain when playing on this arcade machine are going to be used suitably and wisely. Certainly, they will not be used to corporate entities with the aim of satisfying the investors.


The game comes along with the following unique features to improve your gaming experience.

  • It encompasses multiple levels that come along with its unique attractive theme.
  • The game offers a variety of items for the players to buy and use.
  • Re-playable value
  • Customizable OST



  • Use WASD key to move in the game
  • Use LMB, RMB, and A for items
  • Press the E key to interact in the game

Get ready to download Fazbear’s Shootout for free here and enjoy it in your own way.


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