Fazbear Nightmare: Midnight Investigator Download For Free

Fazbear Nightmare: Midnight Investigator is where you are able to have unforgettable experiences with animatronic characters. If you are excited about the game and want to enjoy it right now, don’t hesitate to download it for free here.


In the game, the player will be engulfed in a creepy story in which many mysteries are waiting for exploration.

Fazbear Nightmare: Midnight Investigator
Fazbear Nightmare: Midnight Investigator

In fact, you will put yourself into the shoes of the watchman who is hired to work at night at an abandoned pizzeria. Because getting a lead in the Schmidt case who was last seen in Trillium County, an investigator decides to leave the pizzeria for you.

You will take responsibility for a low-risk security guard in this pizzeria and arcade in which the main attraction is animatronic robots. It is worth noting that these robots tend to behave very strangely at night. As a result, during your work shift, you not also need to watch out for the security of property in the pizzeria, but also have to keep an eye on animatronic characters.

You need to notice that Phantoms are not visible to the naked eye. In addition, your power will drain quite fast. Find any ways to drive the animatronics away and keep yourself safe.

Fazbear Nightmare: Midnight Investigator definitely does not waste your time. Download it for free here.


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