Explore A Day At Freddy’s (DESCRIPTION UPDATE) Download For Free

Explore A Day At Freddy’s (DESCRIPTION UPDATE) by CRISWITHNOH is a strange Five Nights at Freddy’s based fan game. It’s completely easy for you to download!

EADAF and a description update

Explore A Day At Freddy's (DESCRIPTION UPDATE)
Explore A Day At Freddy’s (DESCRIPTION UPDATE)

Explore A Day At Freddy’s is one of the most unique horror games. It is set in a vintage pizza restaurant as in FNaF the series by Scott Cawthon.

Not only that, it has a similar point to FNaF: Sister Location that is the free-roam capability.

In other words, you can move and explore every corner of FNaF 1’s pizzeria your way.

Remember that you can be in danger at any time!

Aside from that special ability, all of the rooms in the building also look familiar. They are included in FNaF1’s Pizzaria.

Of course, you cannot skip old faces such as Chica, Foxy, Bonnie, and their leader, Freddy. They are your fan favorites.

Maybe, the HD graphics can bring back more advantages.

Explore A Day At Freddy’s (DESCRIPTION UPDATE) is available! You can download both of its versions at present. They comprise Explore A Day At Freddy’s and HOPE THE GAME. Are you ready to open the door and walk around areas in that creepy place? Good luck!


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