ELLIE’S Download For Free

ELLIE’S is a horror game free to experience. Engage in the new FNaF fan-made to solve mysteries around incidents. Can you survive at the moment you find out the answer?

ELLIE’S Storyline:

ELLIE'S Download For Free
ELLIE’S Download For Free

Everything is started in Ellie’s Milkshakes and Fries restaurant in 1983. Many unlucky events happened there, a place for kids and families.

Every detail related to them is unrevealed. After about one year, an organization searched for stories to report.

While the night-guard position is available, they grabbed it and began to send in junior-reporter, Jan Calhalo.

In FNaF ELLIE’S, you will play like a security watchman. Your job is to find out secrets unresolved. During the nightshift, you need to take advantage of every chance to investigate the location.

Do not forget to gather evidence and open up all the truth inside Ellie’s!

Remember that it is not a simple mission! Many bizarre creatures will be visible once the lever works.

Keep calm and make use of cameras! Additionally, you can pick other devices to protect your life.

Download ELLIE’S and you will be able to test your survivability without paying a penny! Similar to Five Nights at Freddy’s, monsters will possess a lot of deadly jumps. Don’t let them perform or you will lose!


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